“Picunche” is a word that belongs to the Mapudungun language (ancient language) which means “People who live to the north”. In the south of Chile the land was divided by natural boundaries as the big Bio-Bio river.

People who lived to the north of this river were called Picunches. The people who were living in the south were the “Mapuches”. This was a rainy area where the climate was quite cold and not good for grapes cultivation.

The first vines which were introduced in to the country by the Spanish Conquers and Catholic Missionaries, were planted in to the central area and this place was the Picunche land, this was the original location where the first wines were produced. The hand labor was done by the Picunche inhabitants.

This is the reason why we wanted, our company and our wines to be named PICUNCHE.

By this moment Picunche brand is getting known in the wine industry by its quality and commitment.